Online: Developing Employer Branding and
attracting IT-specialists for non IT-companies

International Experience

7th April, 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT)

  • Anna Ivanchenko
    (HR-Resource, Russia)

  • Caio Infante
    Regional Vice President
    (LATAM, Brazil)
  • Alexey Morozov
    Senior Tech Recruiter
    (Clever recruiting, Russia)


  • Challenges of attracting IT talent in non-IT companies (Russia & Brazil) Similarities and differences.
  • How to distinguish your employer brand from the competition? How to create your unique EVP to attract and retain tech talents? Successful cases.
  • How a non-IT company can attract developers/IT specialists/tech talents?
  • What do candidates look for when searching for a job?
  • Panel discussion. Tech talent Employee Experience Russia&Brazil.
  • IT specialist retention: new formats. Digital employer branding. Successful cases. Esports

  • What mistakes recruiters make when communicating with developers.
  • What are the features of attracting IT specialists to non-core companies.
  • How to build an employer brand strategy to get the right people interested.
  • How to create a unique EVP to retain and attract IT professional
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